Reason #3,532 for moving to Arizona

I have found that driving in Wisconsin during the winter months has become insufferable! You’d think that the people out on the road had never seen snow in their life and that they are going to die at the slightest tap on the gas pedal.

I found myself cursing out loud in my car yesterday morning because the people in front of me only felt save driving 20 mph on a relatively clear road. Now if that wasn’t bad enough when I got out of work the roads had been cleared (well as cleared as they are going to get when the salt doesn’t melt the ice because of the temperature) but because it was so cold they were still driving 20 mph…what are they afraid of…do they think that the car might slip a little and they would end up on their tail ends? They are driving like people walk when on ice?!?!

If you live in Wisconsin and you do not feel safe driving in the weather then do all of us a favor and just stay home! Some of us leave early so that we can get places safe when conditions are not ideal. We have trouble enough dealing with the weather we do not have the time or patience to deal with those that do not know how to drive under these conditions.

If I just moved to sunny Arizona where there is no snow I wouldn’t have to deal with this!


Name that Country

Now see that wasn’t that hard…especially with a country in the news as much as Iran!!!

This week’s is a bit harder, on my 1-10 scale it is a 9.

PLEASE DO NOT POST THE ANSWER…supply info or a hint that proves you know it…there are others playing!!!
THANK YOU – gopfolk

January 14, 2009

Tonight was personal trainer night. We got there and we had to decide if we wanted to be weighed and measured…OH BOY!!! I’m up almost 10 pounds since my lowest weigh-in with her and my measurements were also up a bit.

Christmas is over time to step it up again!!!

We did 5 min. of the bike and then got into arms, sholders, back and core. it was a tough work out but she has been meaner in the past.

Overall it was a good work out and I doubt I’ll be too sore in the next day or two.

Breaking News

This goes into the “What the hell was he thinking?” file…According to multiple sources Racine Mayor Gary Becker was arrested yesterday for solicitation of a minor. This alleged incident took place outside of a Milwaukee mall and the Mayor is currently being held in Kenosha County Jail on a $165,000 cash bond.

According to the Racine Post the mayor’s office had no comment as of 8:04 this morning.

So this begs a lot of questions that I’m sure will not be answered to anyone’s satisfaction.

I feel bad for the Becker family at this time and hope that this will not harm them in any way.

Name that Place

Well I thought that it was easy and from the comments by CU it was.

It was, in fact, the Racine County Fair Grounds.

Name this place:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wife was set on going to the Y today. I wasn’t that excited since I was still sore from running in the snow the day before but I acquiesced and we went down there after lunch.

On the treadmill: walked for 5 min (15min/mile pace) at a 2% grade – Ran for 5 min (8:19 min/mile pace) at a 2% grade – Walked for 5 min (15min/mile pace) at a 2% grade

Then we did weights for about 30-40 minutes (2 shoulder press, leg curls & extensions, leg and back press, row and pull downs) then stretched.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Got up to meet a few of the early runners since I had to do 11 miles today and was greeted with what appeared to be about 4 inches of snow and it was still falling – this ought to be fun!

Heading for Panera and realized that the plows had not been out yet. So glad that I opted to bring my Yaktrax for their maiden voyage.

When I got there I was alone but within minutes three, then four cars pull up. We all get out and decide that coffee would be better…dream on…we hit the roads. Just before we take off I opt to grab my sunglasses…it was not sunny, in fact it was quite dark but the wind was hard and blowing snow from the NNE so I thought they would help…they did.

Shortly after we start I realize that I’m out in the lead and that Carrie is right behind me…no one else is anywhere near. That’s odd?!?! I never thought about the Yaktrax so I kept moving. Carrie passed me about 1-1.5 miles in as I walked across a street but that was all that I saw. I kept pace with Carrie the whole time…getting close then letting her go…I’m not sure if her pace was ebbing or mine was.

When I got back to the group I had 5.8 miles in and just needed an additional 5.2 for the day. We headed out exactly like we did at 6 am just with a few additional runners and no glasses this time. Again I got the early lead and kept it…the Yaktrax were doing their job. I opted to cut down Sandy lane and from what I found out later so did everyone else –BIG Mistake – the snow had not been plowed in a day and there was easily a foot of it on the road making for a very difficult time.

With about a mile or so to go the fastest runner in the group that morning, Joe, just blows by me. Says I’m doing a great job and keeps going – DAMN that boy is fast…even in this weather!!!

I finish the day with 10.6 miles and a 9:49 average pace. Not bad considering the conditions out there!

Random “Photo” in Racine County

By now you should know that I just love Google Maps and Google Earth and with the Street View on you can really find your way around nearly any city in the county!

Well the other night while playing with that feature I came across the following image posted below and simply did not know where I was.

Can you tell me where or what the name of this place is? I think you might be surprised too!

Name that Country

Now I know that the last time I had a country posted was in mid December but I still didn’t have anyone guess it and I thought it was pretty easy. So here it is again with a hint…

HINT: This country boasts urban settlements dating back to 4000 BC

Kudos to Representative Robin Vos

In today’s Journal Times Rep. Vos does what he does best: he states things the way they are!

JT: Inauguration signals time to outline principles

Rep. Vos states “Last week, the governor requested a $1 trillion dollar bailout package. Transferring this amount of money from the feds to our state makes no sense. We will drive the federal budget further into the red with the hope that Wisconsin’s budget might run a little less in the red. Many elected officials will have you believe that it’s “free money,” but nothing could be further from the truth. Our grandchildren will be paying for that bill.”

Not only is Rep. Vos correct he shows just how out of sync the Democrats are on this issue.

“In late November, state Sen. Bob Jauch, D-Poplar, proposed a 5 percent sales tax increase because “everybody has to share the pain,” according to one Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article. In the same article, Sen. John Lehman, D-Racine, said he would be in favor of removing sales tax exemptions, claiming about the increase: “I can explain that to my constituents.” Just this week,
Gov. Doyle proposed to reinstate the annual automatic gas tax increase.”

Did you get that?!?! All of you that voted for “Change” are going to get just that…change in your pocket nothing more. The State (and Federal) Governments are going to tax us nearly to death (and then they will tax you again – remember Obama wants the “death tax” reinstated completely!) There will be no place to hide. They see these deficits and in stead of thinking about cutting the budget all they look at is how to increase their revenue to keep the spending there.

I don’t know about you but when my family is facing huge debts we cut our spending to afford just the necessities in life. Why is it that the Government thinks that they are more important than us? Why do they hurt those that fund them and then attempt to fix it by giving back only a portion of what they took?

Kudos to Rep. Vos for doing a terrific job as our elected representative for the 63rd Assembly District and for this:

“Wisconsin must not take the easy route by raising taxes to pay for the overspending of past budgets, we must now summon the political courage to do what’s right and bring our government back to a size we can afford.”

What more can be said.