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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Got up to meet a few of the early runners since I had to do 11 miles today and was greeted with what appeared to be about 4 inches of snow and it was still falling – this ought to be fun!

Heading for Panera and realized that the plows had not been out yet. So glad that I opted to bring my Yaktrax for their maiden voyage.

When I got there I was alone but within minutes three, then four cars pull up. We all get out and decide that coffee would be better…dream on…we hit the roads. Just before we take off I opt to grab my sunglasses…it was not sunny, in fact it was quite dark but the wind was hard and blowing snow from the NNE so I thought they would help…they did.

Shortly after we start I realize that I’m out in the lead and that Carrie is right behind me…no one else is anywhere near. That’s odd?!?! I never thought about the Yaktrax so I kept moving. Carrie passed me about 1-1.5 miles in as I walked across a street but that was all that I saw. I kept pace with Carrie the whole time…getting close then letting her go…I’m not sure if her pace was ebbing or mine was.

When I got back to the group I had 5.8 miles in and just needed an additional 5.2 for the day. We headed out exactly like we did at 6 am just with a few additional runners and no glasses this time. Again I got the early lead and kept it…the Yaktrax were doing their job. I opted to cut down Sandy lane and from what I found out later so did everyone else –BIG Mistake – the snow had not been plowed in a day and there was easily a foot of it on the road making for a very difficult time.

With about a mile or so to go the fastest runner in the group that morning, Joe, just blows by me. Says I’m doing a great job and keeps going – DAMN that boy is fast…even in this weather!!!

I finish the day with 10.6 miles and a 9:49 average pace. Not bad considering the conditions out there!