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I could have told you that!?! Frequent Family Meals Might Reduce Teen Substance Use Older People May Need Less Sleep, Study Finds


Don’t be fooled…

I love when lefties get their undies in a bundle over things that Republicans do but I get really pissed off when they try to distort and spread lies about what we do.

Jay Bullock over at folkbum’s rambles and rants posted this today: The continuing Republican war on science

What really galls me is that these supposed “intellectuals” like Jay on the left seem to think that they are science minded…you know guys that believe Algore over scientific research…people that believe consensus is somehow related to science…that think “peer-reviewed” research adds any credit to an argument (see: cold fusion).

When in reality they are just ticked that Republicans believe that true scientific advancement should not be done within the realm of government. We should not allow political discourse to enter into a field that is meant to be driven by facts not emotions. But the left can’t seem to imagine science without government…I’m not surprised!

Here are a few things to note about the “Republican War on Science”:

While the Right does not wish to have government funding of embryonic stem cell research…the Left will not allow life saving research to be conducted on animals – even if independently funded.

While the Right reviews scientific research that shows anthropogenic global warming to be nothing but “hot-air” and has encouraged more debate rather than jumping to any one conclusion…the Left is moving swiftly (and blindly) to raising taxes around the world with new “carbon credits,” completely ignoring the swift decline in global temperatures.

FYI: The RNC will be utilizing the SMM during the convention and is open to the guests at the convention during this time. Press Release: SCIENCE MUSEUM OF MINNESOTA TO OPEN EXCLUSIVELY FOR 2008 REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION EVENTS

Superhero fun…

For those of you like me that are excited about the new Batman flick “The Dark Knight” in theatres on Friday…you might enjoy the following article published in the Scientific American.

Dark Knight Shift: Why Batman Could Exist–But Not for Long