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Turner & Mason running for Mayor?!?!

It looks like the Racine Mayor job is attracting some attention by Democrats…Both Assemblymen Turner and Mason have made indications that they are interested in the position.

Funny though…Still have not heard a word from the Racine or State Democrat Party denouncing the former Mayor. I think we will be able to make hay out of that!

Glad to see Helding has thrown his hat in…this will be a fun few weeks!!!


Timing is everything…

It looks like Mayor Becker was just timing his departure so that it would get buried in the news.

During the President’s inauguration speech Becker’s letter of resignation is delivered to City Hall.

JT: Breaking News – Becker Resigns

Good bye.

Breaking News

This goes into the “What the hell was he thinking?” file…According to multiple sources Racine Mayor Gary Becker was arrested yesterday for solicitation of a minor. This alleged incident took place outside of a Milwaukee mall and the Mayor is currently being held in Kenosha County Jail on a $165,000 cash bond.

According to the Racine Post the mayor’s office had no comment as of 8:04 this morning.

So this begs a lot of questions that I’m sure will not be answered to anyone’s satisfaction.

I feel bad for the Becker family at this time and hope that this will not harm them in any way.

Random “Photo” in Racine County

By now you should know that I just love Google Maps and Google Earth and with the Street View on you can really find your way around nearly any city in the county!

Well the other night while playing with that feature I came across the following image posted below and simply did not know where I was.

Can you tell me where or what the name of this place is? I think you might be surprised too!

Republican Party of Racine to Open HQ