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Just cause I’m lazy…

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Would you rather have:

  1. Cheap Gas
  2. Independence from “foreign oil”

These are mutually exclusive options, both in reality, and in the context of this post. Anyone who attempts to sell you a plan that will give you both can immediately be dismissed as either a liar, a panderer, or a politician (which by definition includes the other two).


Gotta love ‘em

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"The Bush plan is a hoax,"

“The Bush plan is a hoax,” responded House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “It will neither reduce gas prices nor increase energy independence.” This was in response to President Bush lifting the ban on off shore oil drilling (AP story here)

Do you think Nancy Pelosi is eating those words yet?

If you recall in a previous post I pointed out that since the Democrats took power in Jan of 2007 oil and gas prices have continued to rise…yet this “hoax” has yielded an immediate response from the market, in particular those “pesky” speculators! The cost of oil has dropped $19 in one week!!!

They realize that if the US just begins to tap some of the oil that is available there will be a small but noticeable easing of demand.

Lets face it $1.00 gas is probably gone forever but there is no reason why we shouldn’t be trying to minimize the upward cost of a vital staple in the world economy! If we tap the known sources of oil there will be more supply to accommodate the ever increasing demand for oil. This will not be a permanent fix but it could help relieve the pricing pressure for the next 15-30 years while viable alternatives can be sought.

Democrats and Oil

This piece is worth reading: What Dems Can’t Say About Drilling

Here is just a glimpse of what David Harsanyi has to say:

The problem is that when “green” fantasies crash onto the shores of economic reality (as they did with corn-based ethanol), we all suffer.

Don’t worry, though, congressional Democrats have a bold plan. Hold on for 10 or 15 years and
they’ll have a bounty of energy options. They promise. But no oil shale. No clean coal. No nuclear power. And definitely no more oil.

Ouch! What could be more damaging to a person than that? But those Democrats put their head in the sand and tell us that the sun is shining!!

Senator Mitch McConnell weighs in on the issue of drilling in today’s Wall Street Journal with this commentary: Democrats Should Let Us Drill

“the only thing now standing in the way of more domestic supply is the Democratic refusal to allow it.”

Imagine that Democrats not allowing progress…hmm…think: environmental standards….think: integration…this is just another example of the myopic vision of the “party of the people.”