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Sorry…I’ve been busy!!

AP: Barack Obama prepares to name running mate

Lets be honest…does it really matter? This guy is a weakling…He states that Justice Thomas didn’t have enough experience to be on the Supreme Court…has he checked his own resume!?!?! He barely has enough experience to be Senator from IL!!!!

AFP: Lost baby whale euthanised in Australia

I feel bad…but it had to be done else harm could have come to people.

CBSNews: Detroit Mayor Offered Deal In Assault Case

OMG!!! They finally labeled him as a Democrat!!! “Kilpatrick is a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention next week in Denver.”
So is he a Hillary or Obama supporter…just curious!!

USAToday: Today’s photo: Zookeeper feeds baby squirrel in Bulgaria

They admit: “Hey, it’s a slow news day.”