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Global warming

As the Midwest is bombarded with super cold temps (see: here; here; here; here; here) Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) announced today that “Our committee will be acting quickly and decisively to reduce global warming and end our dependence on foreign oil” and that “Comprehensive global warming legislation will be sent to the House floor by Memorial Day.

WOW! I thought it was getting warmer out there…I thing the thermometer went from -10 to -5 in the last hour!!! OH NO!!!!

From The Hill


I love it!!!

The lefties are upset because the AP reported the following:

“It is, indeed, a last hurrah.

Edward M. Kennedy is taking the stage at the Democratic National Convention Monday night for what likely is his final appearance in a familiar setting.”

Posters on the Daily Kos were completely outraged!!

The Associated Press Should Be Ashamed

…beyond tasteless” posted by BarbinMD

Time for Congress to hold hearings on media” posted by CTony

By far my favorite post was by MrvnMouse

“I know a bunch of young Republicans. So young, they never knew Kennedy in any real fashion. Yet, even they have this massive hate on for the Kennedys.

Did the Kennedys’ do something I don’t know about short of winning an election against Nixon?”

You have got to be kidding me?!?! Hate for the Kennedy’s…you mean for Teddy Kennedy!

Have these people never heard of Chappaquiddick or of Mary Jo Kopechne?

We on the Right are outraged that the democrats continue to idolize a man who by his own admission “repeatedly dove down to the car in an attempt to see if the passenger was still in the car” but then did not contact the police until some time the next morning. He is conspired to cover up the death of Mary Jo Kopechne and democrats continue to carry water for him…year after year after year.

Gotta love ‘em

H/T Ol’ Broad over at silent E speaks

Democrats and Oil

This piece is worth reading: What Dems Can’t Say About Drilling

Here is just a glimpse of what David Harsanyi has to say:

The problem is that when “green” fantasies crash onto the shores of economic reality (as they did with corn-based ethanol), we all suffer.

Don’t worry, though, congressional Democrats have a bold plan. Hold on for 10 or 15 years and
they’ll have a bounty of energy options. They promise. But no oil shale. No clean coal. No nuclear power. And definitely no more oil.

Ouch! What could be more damaging to a person than that? But those Democrats put their head in the sand and tell us that the sun is shining!!

Senator Mitch McConnell weighs in on the issue of drilling in today’s Wall Street Journal with this commentary: Democrats Should Let Us Drill

“the only thing now standing in the way of more domestic supply is the Democratic refusal to allow it.”

Imagine that Democrats not allowing progress…hmm…think: environmental standards….think: integration…this is just another example of the myopic vision of the “party of the people.”

Excellent Question!!

RealDebate asks the following:

Why isn’t the left as outraged by Jesse Jackson’s racist remark as it was about Imus’?

Eugene, hello…..

Democrats and Gas Prices

Once again we are faced with the reality of “change” versus results.

Do you all remember 2006? The Democrats promised to change things for us. They said we were on the wrong track. People like Nancy Pelosi said that they would fix the problems and make America better.

Sounds a lot like what Obama is preaching…

Well here is what has happened to gas prices since they took over:

H/T silent E speaks

I think I would rather have steady prices (and lower taxes) than the “change” that is being proposed.