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Sale of Cigar Banned!

That was not a typo in the title…it looks like Prince George County in Maryland has banned the sale of single cigars!

Now if you guessed it is because smoking is bad for you…well you’d be wrong!

It seems that there is a trend among the drug crowd to hollow out cigars and to smoke marijuana.

Now if the legislation seems odd you are correct since as this article in the Washington Post points out “The new law will also make it easier to charge someone possessing a cigar with a drug paraphernalia offense,” and that “Tobacco stores that specialize in cigar sales…are excluded from the legislation’s restrictions.”

I’m confused…if I buy a cigar from a high end tobacco store, place it in my shirt pocket, and then get pulled over for speeding, will I get a fine (or worse arrested) for carrying ‘drug paraphernalia’?

h/t Andrew Roth at the Club for Growth