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Just wondering…

…why the MSM is still questioning Governor Sarah Palin’s credentials to be a Presidential Candidate in 2012!?!

I mean…didn’t we just elect a guy that has never governed anything or anyone, someone that served less time in the US Senate than he spent running to be President, a guy that even on election night the MSM was saying that they “knew nothing of Obama.”


WOW! That was fast!

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1st Presidential Debate – my perspective

I’d give the edge to Obama (50.1 – 49.9)…mainly due to style.

Obama seemed to be a little out of his element when talking budget. He seemed to want us to buy the notion that we can cut spending by not cutting a single program…I guess I’m still confused.

Both presented their points like Presidents…Obama was willing to say over and over “when I’m President” McCain did not do so. But Obama while seemed presidential did not seem to have any depth of the information.

I think that Obama got a schooling when it came to how government works…he seems to not understand the intricacy of the office of the President and McCain did a good job of pointing that out time and again.

Obama was willing to use the format of talking toward McCain and McCain did not meet his gaze once…McCain talked to the audience and the moderator and did not talk to Obama…I think that was a mistake the format offered it and since McCain was schooling him on the operation of the government it would have scored higher marks if those jabs would have been directed toward Obama not about him.

Don’t tell me the base isn’t energized!!

Reuters: John McCain speech draws record TV ratings

Yeah the Dems thought that the show was over when “The Obama” hit a whopping 38.3 million viewers…then along comes our VP candidate and she gets 37.2 million…next night McCain with 38.9 million…a new record!!

Yep the base is here and we are ready.


I swiped this whole post from The Volokh Conspiracy h/t David Bernstein:

If I were supporting Obama….

here are three things I’d keep quiet about with regard to Sarah Palin.

(1) How can she do her job as vice-president and take care of her kids? Which leads to the question, how can Obama do the much more demanding job of president and take care of his kids?

(2) What makes anyone think that Palin has enough experience to be “one heartbeat from the presidency?” Which leads to the question, what makes anyone think that a one-term Senator from Illinois who has been running for president for most of his term has enough experience to actually be president?

(3) Is Sarah Palin’s church/pastor nutty? Which leads to such an obvious question that I won’t bother raising it!

In short, it strikes me that Obama’s allies may be succeeding at discrediting Palin to some extent, but only at the expense of undermining Obama. Even if raising such questions undermines Palin more than it does Obama, even much more, given how many people vote based on the top of the ticket versus based on the bottom, this is hardly a winning strategy.”

What would you look for?

I have been pondering the selection of Senator Joe Biden for VP and the upcoming selection of McCain’s VP and I began to wonder…What would I look for in a running mate?

For instance would you want to select a VP that would balance out where you are weak, thus making your weakness a front page story?

Would you tend toward a more moderate (or radical – depending on your position) VP to help garner votes from that which you have not swayed?

Do you look for a popular figure or someone that is less known to the masses?

Is the choice purely strategic and it makes no difference if that person balances the ticket, your positions, or if you like them?

If you were McCain what would you do now?

Obama opted for same old tired message by picking a guy that has been in the Senate as along as I’ve been alive and who has had no other experience other than being one of 100 Senators.

Should McCain do the strategic thing and go for a woman or minority regardless of the qualifications? Or should he concern himself with qualifications first and then if they happen to be a minority or female it is just a bonus? Would he be best to pick a person that rounds him out…younger, financially savvy, and has governed?

I see Governor Sarah Palin fitting nearly every one of those requirements to be McCain’s VP…and at this point I would choose her…I think she would make an excellent President.

I have not abandoned Romney as VP; I just think that a McCain-Palin ticket is by far a stronger ticket than a McCain-Romney ticket is to defeat ObamaBiden.

VP choices

Well it is being touted that Obama will pick his VP this week…just prior to the convention…and one side note on that…What was he thinking allowing Hillary to be on the ballot!!! Talk about dumb moves!!

From a strategic side who should Obama pick as his running mate?

From the opposition side who do we want him to pick?

I think that if Obama wants to win he needs to pick a more mature statesman that will help him in the areas that he is weakest (as in being President of the US) and that person would be Bill Richardson.

I hope that he picks someone weak…too bad Edwards is out…maybe Kerry? Or how about Pelosi!!!??

Proof that the Media just doesn’t get it…

AP: Fact Check: Properly inflated tires cut gas use

The McCain camp was quick to point out that Obama finally came up with a solution to the oil shortage!!

Obama’s plan…

“Making sure your tires are properly inflated, simple thing, but we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tuneups,” Obama said. “You could actually save just as much.”

In response to this just earth shattering news the McCain camp decided to one up Obama and in stead of talking about properly inflated tires they handed out tire gauges so that people could actually verify that their tires are at the proper pressure.

The “story” points out that Obama has other solutions…they are…spend taxpayers money on incentives, spend taxpayers money to do research into technology, and spend taxpayers money to force remodeling of old buildings.

Obama’s plan – More government sending will get us out of this
McCain’s plan – Allow business to do what they are best at

The Media thinks that McCain doesn’t believe that proper air pressure is good….when in reality the Media just doesn’t see how funny it is to have a presidential candidate say that properly inflating your tires will save as much oil as drilling…think about it this way what if President Bush would have had a press conference in the rose garden and said that he opposed the drilling of domestic oil because we could save that much oil by properly inflating our tires and getting a tune-up…They would have said they have proof that Bush was drinking again!!!

I read it…did you?

I’ve now read the speech that Barry gave while over in Germany.

Who does this guy think he is?

To be honest while the speech is okay it was highly inappropriate for a lowly freshman Senator from the State of Illinois to be making in Germany. I thought Barry was running for the Presidency of the United States…the speech sounded more like something given by someone trying to run for high school class president.

There was little in there to get excited about…intro, history, hype, hope, berate the US, praise the EU, No to Nukes, Save the Planet, bash the US (again), say that “I love America”, and close with more hype.

I would recommend that Barry fire the people that thought this was a good idea.

Electoral College Question

Before I headed out on a well deserved vacation a few week ago co-worker asked me the following question:

“What happens in the event of an electoral college tie?”

I immediately answered the question as “it is decided by Congress” and then started to retract that and said I was unsure. During my trip home I began to mull this question again and realized that my initial answer was, in fact, correct!

So I looked it up this weekend and found a number of sites that explained the process but I thought that did the best job.

“If neither candidate gets a majority of the Electoral Votes, the election for President is decided in the House of Representatives, with each state delegation having one vote. Senators would elect the Vice-President.”

As the site states though the chance of this actually happening is slim but as this map shows it is possible…

I should have posted this when I got home because I found this in today’s ABC News which is reporting a similar story: Tie Vote? Obama-McCain ‘Doomsday Scenario’