Name that Country

Now some of you are probably wondering why I did not delete David B’s guess from last week, especially when I have my disclaimer asking people to put a hint. Well I have to give David B kudos for the hint.

Did any of you look up Illyria? Well this “country” existed back around 400 BC and comprised most of the western Balkan Peninsula. In today’s terms Illyria makes up 8-9 different countries.

Last weeks county was Albania which would have been at the southern tip of Illyria.

This week I think is pretty easy so I’ll only give it a 4 out of 10 rating.

Good Luck

PLEASE DO NOT POST THE ANSWER…supply info or a hint that proves you know it…there are others playing!!!

THANK YOU – gopfolk


2 comments so far

  1. still Unreal... on

    holy crap, this hasn’t been answered yet?
    i hope the fact that i liked the old name more doesnt mar the spirit my response.

  2. trainhead on

    The old 5-letter name for this country started with a ‘B’ – and was much easier to pronounce.

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