Saturday, January 3, 2009

5 am is not a good time for me and I’m quite sure that it is worse for the rest of the house! I get up and get all my stuff on…it is cold outside!! Thankfully it’s not too cold and I can get away with just a winter hat.

I get to the meeting place early and head out…I get about 1.8 miles in and I wait for the girls to arrive. Jodi and Kristin are already running and Carrie arrives while I’m waiting.

Once we are all assembled we head out for about a 50-60 minute run. I start out with the girls but quickly realize that the runs I had done earlier in the week are catching up wit me and I will not be able to maintain this pace for the duration of my run so I back off slightly.

We get about 1.5 miles out and we get a clear path to the East and the wind hits us!!!! BOY IS THAT STRONG!!! We push through it both going out and coming back…we’ll tell the group to run north and avoid any place that is open to the East!

We get back to the waiting group (kinda small this week) and we talk about where we are heading and where coffee is at. I drink some Gatorade and water and we head out. My mileage for the day was 15 but I figured 13 would be good but by 9 I was just simply tapped out. I could not figure out the problem.

I begin my typical walk and run pattern but I should not be having this difficulty at 9 miles so I’m at a loss. About 1.5 miles later it dawns on me…I’ve been running for more than an hour and I never took a gel.

I have gotten so accustomed to taking the gel that I’m surprised that I forgot. Well I won’t make that mistake again…I hope.

I finished the day with about 12.6 miles…I’ll update the exact mileage and time later.


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