Name that Country

Oh no! You guys aren’t going to get away without trying to get this country!!!

Here is a hint that will guarantee that you will get it…This county consumes more alcohol than any other.

So here it is again…have at it!


5 comments so far

  1. elliot on

    Ireland? (My ancestral home.)

  2. Caledonia Unplugged on

    Wisconsin? Oh…sorry…you’re looking for a country.

  3. Caledonia Unplugged on

    OK – I’ll try one of those “clever” clues:


    a. The freighter was lifted through the ______ in the canal

    b. If I don’t have nothing, I have ______thing

    c. The polar bear found himself floating away on an ice__________

  4. BlueHorseShoe on


  5. still Unreal... on

    ….*sigh*…see what happens when i do my Reagan impression, gop?

    ok, from here on out, i wont.

    PS the “clues” were harder to figure out and i KNEW the answer!

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