I did not believe it…

I heard about this the other day and could not believe it…but Fred over at RealDebateWisconsin has got the goods: Racine schools hand out textbook with 15 page Obama love-fest…


I guess that schools are not for education but for indoctrination…”long live RUSD!”


Such a shame. 



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  1. edbooked on

    Perhaps the main problem with public education is political interference. Too frequently school administrators substitute politically motivated policies and practices for sound principles of education. The potential, challenges, and obstacles that currently litter the pubic education landscape are discussed in the novel, The Twilight’s Last Gleaming On Public Education. This intriguing, socially relevant, and enlighetning story is available via http://www.Xlibris.com, http://www.bn.com, http://www.borders.com, or http://www.amazon.com. It possesses many of the elements commonly found in just about every school system throughout the United States. Check it out for yourself. Discuss it with your friends. See if you can identify with the characters and situations presented. Do you agree with the proposed solutions?

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