VP choices

Well it is being touted that Obama will pick his VP this week…just prior to the convention…and one side note on that…What was he thinking allowing Hillary to be on the ballot!!! Talk about dumb moves!!

From a strategic side who should Obama pick as his running mate?

From the opposition side who do we want him to pick?

I think that if Obama wants to win he needs to pick a more mature statesman that will help him in the areas that he is weakest (as in being President of the US) and that person would be Bill Richardson.

I hope that he picks someone weak…too bad Edwards is out…maybe Kerry? Or how about Pelosi!!!??


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  1. Real Debate on

    Is Edwards out of it?

    Have you ever asked yourself why they made that announcement when they made it?

    Perhaps it was to give that story enough time to settle down.

  2. Caledonia Unplugged on

    Nancy Pelosi…bwahahahah! Now that would be interesting!

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