Guess the Number Game


Come on people you are killing me here!!!

Fred made an attempt…my wife said it was not enough information…So I will give a hint…but the hint is nothing but another number!!!


I’m stealing a page from Fred over at RDW…yes I am!

2 = $128,000


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  1. Real Debate on

    I’ll send you a bill.

    2 Gary Becker bar tabs = $128,000?

  2. gopfolk on

    I’d rather owe you than cheat you!

    Becker’s bar tab’s…ah nope!

    But it is government related.

  3. NOS1 on

    How much taxes I’m paying, for a gallon of gas!!

  4. Jean on

    I was trying to find another number that those might refer to, but looking at RDW cleared that up.
    How about the number of vehicles Uncle Sam owns?

  5. gopfolk on

    Great job Jean…you got the clue!

    642,233 is the number of cars that Uncle Sam is responsible for!!

    See this article for more details:

    In the article you will see what I was pointing out:

    2 (drivers for the Transportation Secretary) = $128,000 in annual compensation

    I still don’t see why:

    1. She needs 2 drivers
    2. She needs a driver
    3. Why we, as taxpayers, would put up with this!!!

    Simply put…I’m outraged at this BS!!

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