Democrats and Oil

This piece is worth reading: What Dems Can’t Say About Drilling


Here is just a glimpse of what David Harsanyi has to say:


The problem is that when “green” fantasies crash onto the shores of economic reality (as they did with corn-based ethanol), we all suffer.

Don’t worry, though, congressional Democrats have a bold plan. Hold on for 10 or 15 years and they’ll have a bounty of energy options. They promise. But no oil shale. No clean coal. No nuclear power. And definitely no more oil.


Ouch!  What could be more damaging to a person than that?  But those Democrats put their head in the sand and tell us that the sun is shining!!


Senator Mitch McConnell weighs in on the issue of drilling in today’s Wall Street Journal with this commentary: Democrats Should Let Us Drill


“the only thing now standing in the way of more domestic supply is the Democratic refusal to allow it.”


Imagine that Democrats not allowing progress…hmm…think: environmental standards….think: integration…this is just another example of the myopic vision of the “party of the people.”


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