Electoral College Question

Before I headed out on a well deserved vacation a few week ago co-worker asked me the following question:

“What happens in the event of an electoral college tie?”

I immediately answered the question as “it is decided by Congress” and then started to retract that and said I was unsure. During my trip home I began to mull this question again and realized that my initial answer was, in fact, correct!

So I looked it up this weekend and found a number of sites that explained the process but I thought that http://www.270towin.com/ did the best job.

“If neither candidate gets a majority of the Electoral Votes, the election for President is decided in the House of Representatives, with each state delegation having one vote. Senators would elect the Vice-President.”

As the site states though the chance of this actually happening is slim but as this map shows it is possible…

I should have posted this when I got home because I found this in today’s ABC News which is reporting a similar story: Tie Vote? Obama-McCain ‘Doomsday Scenario’


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