Name that Place

Last week was pretty easy as I had identified and CU got it rather quickly. Last week’s place was the Racine County Court House

Name This Place


4 comments so far

  1. Real Debate on

    Bristol Oaks?

  2. gopfolk on

    Sorry Fred that is not right.

    I’m still sticking to Racine County at this point.

  3. Caledonia Unplugged on

    I’ll just give a clue since I was first with last week’s as well.

    This is a public course(s) with very easy access from I-94.

  4. Jean on

    It’s been a couple weeks since I won, so someone else can claim this one.

    But CU is right. It’s a red, white and blue kind of place.
    (And I looked at that one, too, but didn’t scroll the google map image up. Won’t make that mistake again!)

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