Name that Country

I guess all I needed to do is poke the bear and I’d get the answers I was looking for!!

Country #1 was the Ivory Coast or Cote d’Ivoire (in case you didn’t get the hint – the Irish flag is green, white, orange while Ivory Coast’s flag is orange, white, green…if you hang the flag on a wall you could easily make a mistake!!)

Ivory Coast

Country #2 was Uzbekistan!

This week…9 out of 10

PLEASE DO NOT POST THE ANSWER…supply info or a hint that proves you know it…there are others playing!!!
THANK YOU – gopfolk

3 comments so far

  1. still Unreal... on

    Just wondering….
    do-uala you know my step childrens names?

    for me, this was a 1 unfortunately.

  2. Justin on

    Looks like you just came up with your new game…

    “Name that Flag!”

  3. still Unreal... on

    yeah….”name that flag”

    Bring it, gop.

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