Here is the fall schedule:

Racine County…

Republican – Wendy Christensen
Democrat – Theresa Cotton-Kendrick
Democrat – Lisa Van Koningsveld

Republican – Elizabeth Majeski (inc.)

Register of deeds
Republican – Jim Ladwig (inc.)

District Attorney
Republican – Michael Nieskes (inc.)

State Assembly:

61st District

Democrat – Robert Turner (inc)
Libertarian – George Meyers

62nd District

Democrat – Cory Mason (inc)
Libertarian – Keith Deschler

63rd District

Republican – Robin Vos (inc)
Democrat – Linda Flashinski

66th District

Republican – Samantha Kerkman (inc)
Democrat – Mike Orr
Democrat – Larry Zamba

83rd District

Republican – Scott Gunderson (inc)
Democrat – Aaron Robertson

State Senate:

22nd District

Republican – Benjamin Bakke
Democrat – Robert Wirch (inc)

US Congress:

1st Congressional Seat:

Republican – Paul Ryan (inc)
Democrat – Paulette Garin
Democrat – Mike Hebert
Democrat – Marge Krupp
Democrat – John Mogk
Libertarian – Joseph Kexel


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