Name that Place

Kudos to angelMt for realizing last weeks was Prairie School!!

Name this place:


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  1. NOS1 on

    OK! I was stumped last week now I’m just completly confused…

    Is this in the city or outside of the city like the county?
    What the heck has a white silo in front of it?

  2. gopfolk on

    Too early for a clue but I did say at the on set of this series that it images would be limited to those in the “Racine area” by that I meant that all of them would be within Racine County.

  3. angelMt on

    last weeks was easy, I admit I had about 3 different tabs on my google making sure I got it right, but do have any idea how many silos are in Racine county?
    I have not given up though!

  4. mkfolks on

    Those that haven’t been in the area for years may not realize this is here. Good food here, though, and nice place for wedding receptions.

    The Cotton Exchange restaurant!

  5. angelMt on

    so what are trying to say, huh?
    that its been too long since I was in WI?
    considering the last time I was there was in 2001 when you guys got hitched …. well, maybe it has been too long

  6. NOS1 on

    The Cotten who??? Where is this at?? is this in sturtavent?

  7. angelMt on

    Its in Waterford, way out west, well western Racine County.
    Even after it was named I still had to look it up to find it on Google Earth

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