Name that Country

Last week’s was a tough one but as always still unreal still had it in the bag…it was Tanzania.

This country has a very distinctive shape so I only rate it a 5 out of 10.


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  1. still Unreal... on

    well, i WAS going to say….

    La-ti-da, you’ve decided to move out of africa and SA

    ….but i wasnt quick enough. you should put a disclaimer on top of the picture…

  2. gopfolk on

    Sorry Mr. Gravelle…but this is your second time posting the name of the country…I ask that if you truly know the country…which you obviously did…please post a hint or other quirky reply so that others may still have an opportunity to say “Ah-Ha!”


  3. gopfolk on

    still unreal…I think you are correct…I am guess I have to put a permanent disclaimer at the top of every on of these maps!!

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