Name that Place

I have been offering up a new country every week for the past year and a half and I feel it has been pretty successful. So I have decided to offer something new…well new for me.

You see, if you are at all familiar with Jed’s Guess that Geographical Location at Boots and Sabers or Who What or Where? At Caledonia Unplugged what I am about to start doing will be similar in nature but limited to the Racine area for now.

Here is how it will work:

I will post an image from Google Earth (of Google Maps if you prefer) and your goal is to Name that Place. Sound simple?

Here is an example:

Name this place…

Image from Google Earth
This would be Racine’s Festival Park and Hall!!

So here is your first one.

Name this place…

Image from Google Earth


7 comments so far

  1. NOS1 on

    I was actually going to try to guess on this one! Much better and nifty idea you are doing!

    The picture is so dark and a little blurry!

  2. gopfolk on

    Go ahead and guess…unlike the Name that Country I’m not going to delete comments from people with the right answer.

    This is a first come first guess type of game!

  3. NOS1 on

    is it the Golden Rondelle? I can’t tell if the top of that pic is round or not! Maybe its my computer

  4. Caledonia Unplugged on

    OK – I saw the first one with the teal roof and I’m like..oooo..I know that – then you tell me it’s just the sample :^(

    I’ll have to think about the second one. BTW, great idea!

  5. Caledonia Unplugged on

    I think I just got – it’s the Windpoint Lighthouse?

  6. gopfolk on

    Great Job CU!!!

  7. NOS1 on

    You know I showed Joan what you are doing now! She glanced at the picture and I mean glanced and she goes “It’s a light house”… Wow.

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