VP talk…and more talk…

Well we are getting to the point where there will be more and more talk about possible VP candidates. Case in point is this article posted on Bloomberg.com this morning in which the executive editor, Albert Hunt, express his opinion on the short lists for both Obama and McCain.

Sam Nunn
Joe Biden
Jim Webb
Michael Bloomberg

Mitt Romney
Tim Pawlenty
Joe Lieberman

I’m not sure that Obama would really do it but I would have to agree with Mr. Hunt on Webb and Nunn…They would offset the liberal wackiness that Obama represents…but would it be enough?

McCain on the other hand is known for his strategic moves…All of those listed by Mr. Hunt are good choices that McCain would potentially choose but I still think that McCain might also look to Colon Powell as a possibility.

In a perfect world Obama and McCain should both pick VP’s that are more conservative than themselves but…I’m not convinced that either will actually go through with that strategy.


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  1. Real Debate on

    I can not believe Sam Nunn is on that list.

    He is a hawk, why would a dove like Obama choose him?

  2. gopfolk on

    I say again…Obama needs to go right in order to secure the office…and Nunn has a great track record as a conservative democrat.

    I don’t think Obama will choose him…I’m thinking Obama will choose someone closer to a Feingold…

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