Vos to Seek Reelection in 2008

As if there was really any doubt…

CONTACT: ROBIN VOS (262) 770 7137

(Caledonia)…After a successful session in the Wisconsin State Assembly, State Representative Robin Vos announced today that he will seek reelection this November.

“We have passed many positive policies over the past session, but there is still much more to be done,” said Vos. “I am running for state representative so I can continue to fight for the values of the residents of our community.”

Vos says his constituents are most concerned about Wisconsin’s high tax burden, maintaining affordable, quality health care, improving our schools and the overall state of the economy.

“The answer to improving our tax burden and our economy is not to give more money to government,” Vos remarked. “I advocate for smaller government every day so that citizens can keep more of their hard earned money. If reelected in November, I will continue to be a tireless advocate for the taxpayers of Racine County.”

Rep. Vos cited a few of his accomplishments in the past session, which included:

  • Authoring legislation to eliminate state tax on pension income
  • Proposing the State Government Disclosure Act to create a website where taxpayers could monitor the payments made by all state agencies
  • Passing a community rehabilitation tax credit for benevolent organizations who help cognitively disabled citizens lead productive lives in the mainstream workforce
  • Improving heath care access by voting in favor of health insurance premium deductibility, health care price disclosure, and HSA premium deductibility.
  • Supporting K-12 education by voting for an historic increase in state aid.
  • Making higher education more affordable for Wisconsin’s college students by voting to cap tuition and fees
  • Promoted alternative forms of education by authorizing a proposal in the budget to provide $250,000 to expand the very successful Burlington Construction Academy at Burlington High School to other areas of the state
Vos was also successful in facilitating the incorporation of Caledonia and placing language in the budget that made it possible for the Town and Village of Rochester to consolidate. These municipalities have intended to consolidate for many years, but have been hindered from doing so because of bureaucratic red tape at the Department of Administration.

In addition to passing meaningful legislation for the residents of Racine County, Robin also prides himself on his constituent service. Almost every constituent who contacts his office receives a personal phone call.

“When I first ran for the Assembly in 2004, I adopted the slogan ‘Listening, Learning, Leading’, and I vowed to adhere to that philosophy as long as I remain in office,” recalls Vos. “I make hundreds of phone calls every week and have personally spoken with thousands of constituents from my district to listen and learn about their concerns. Even if we don’t see eye to eye on every issue, I want to make sure that the residents of the 63rd Assembly District know they can always contact me to voice their opinion.”

Vos also makes it a priority to provide as much information as possible to his constituents. Every week, thousands of subscribers read The Robin Vos E-Update, a newsletter detailing current events in the Legislature. In the spring and fall, Robin embarks on a speaking tour to provide legislative updates to school boards, town and village boards, and community and professional groups throughout Racine County.

“I want to remain as accessible as possible to the residents of the 63rd Assembly District,” said Vos. “It’s the only way to ensure that I continue to correctly represent their views in Madison.”

The 63rd Assembly District is comprised of the Towns of Raymond, Dover, Norway, Rochester, and Yorkville; and Villages of Union Grove, Caledonia, Rochester, and portions of Mt. Pleasant. The general election for the 63rd Assembly District will be held on November 4th, 2008.


Vos to Seek Reelection in 2008


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