So which should it be?

I read this short editorial in the Sheboygan Press today and was surprised to find that they hit it this one on the head.

We have budget problems here in the state and I am tired of hearing politicians give lip service to the issue and not fixing the problem.

Here are the choices:

Raise taxes to fix the budget problem – Democrat solution.
Cut spending to fix it – Republican solution.

But would that actually fix all of the budget problems we have?

Look at what this administration and the legislature has done so far…Used the tobacco settlement to balance the budget…Raided the Transportation Budget to balance the state budget…raised fees without an offsetting lowering of any other tax.

There needs to be clear rules established for the budget process here in Wisconsin and I am beginning to lose faith that either side has the entire budget in mind when they make claims that budget needs to be fixed.

Note to all politicians in Wisconsin: If you want to be a political hero…come up with a comprehensive plan to actually fix the budget process. Not just a few sound bites or the same old “raise fees/cut taxes” banter…I’m talking a real solution that will work in this state for years to come.


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