Polar Bears – Global warming non-sense

We have all seen the image from An Inconvenient Lie Truth with the polar bears stranded on the ice berg and Algore stating that they are dieing at an alarming rate. We’ve all seen the real photo that shows land (or an ice flow) which is right nearby and these bears in no danger at all. But what really galls me is that these people are trying to use these bears to push the Global Warming agenda!!

In 2005 the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) petitioned to have the polar bear listed as a threatened animal due to “global warming” and under pressure by this and other groups the Alaskan Fish and Wildlife Service proposed in 2006 to have the bear listed due to “loss of their primary habitat.” Now a federal judge has ordered that the Interior Department to decide if the bears are truly threatened. (news article)

The CBD has stated “The science is perfectly clear. There’s no dispute. The polar bear is an endangered species”

Yet the numbers don’t add up!! Here is the estimated population of the polar bears and to be clear the population is the highest in nearly 20 years!!!

Here is the report that these numbers came from. (More here too!)

If the melting ice cap is that bad for these bears how come their population has not significantly decreased as the cap has melted?


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