Huckabee: “I may be killing my political career”

According to the ABC Blogs, Huckabee was quoted at an event in Eau Claire, Wisconsin saying, “may be killing my political career, but I know this — if we don’t start thinking in terms of solving some of America’s problems, we’re killing all of your careers.”

When he was later asked to clarify the quote he tries to argue that his campaign is similar to that of Ronald Reagan’s 1976 campaign against Gerald Ford…now that is a laugh!!!

Huckabee actually thinks that being in a no win situation with a zero chance of winning the nomination and a near zero chance of preventing McCain from getting the nod is somehow close to Reagan’s close delegate race with Ford. Reagan won a clear majority of caucuses while Ford won the majority of primaries.

Huckabee is no Reagan!! The fact that he continues to compare himself to Reagan proves just how far off base the guy really is.


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