Is anyone really going to “cross-over” and vote the other side of the ticket?

My wife told me she just might do that.

What are you going to do?


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  1. NOS1 on

    I wouldn’t vote for Cliton or Obama if my life depended on it! Why put a Junior Senator in the white house or even a Clinton…..

    Bill did nothing for us when he was in office what the hell do people think Hilary is going to do!

  2. steveegg on

    I figure if MKH can do it, I can. She is marginally more-beatable than Obama and marginally better (at least during that proverbial one special week of the month). She’ll also have shorter coattails than him.

    In fact, I’ve started up the NRE Spring Hill campaign. Just remember to shower after particiapting, and don’t repeat in November.

  3. Real Debate on

    I’ll be voting Hillary

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