How much more…

I’ve been wondering out loud to anyone who will listen and now to anyone reading this blog…how much more is Huckabee willing to take from the GOP?

I’m not the biggest McCain fan…I’m not even sure that he can win against Obama…but all that aside with Huckabee still in the mix it means that McCain needs to spend more and more money to secure the nomination and that the Party has less and less time to come together and rally around one person.

I know that Huckabee “didn’t major in math, (he) majored in miracles” but I’m sure someone on his staff has done the math and realizes that, since Romney dropped out of the race, Huckabee has only been able to secure <20% of the delegates. Since he has done so poorly he will need to secure more than 55% of the remaining delegates just to prevent McCain from getting the nomination! As well as it is mathematically impossible (miracle or not) for Huckabee to get the nomination with the remaining primaries.

Huckabee has said over and over again that he is not running for the VP spot and based on the way he is going I’m beginning to think that there is no way McCain would now even consider giving him the position anymore.

While I agree with Huckabee that I would rather have a choice not a coronation the facts are the facts…we do not have a choice anymore…McCain is going to be the nominee…numbers do not lie.


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  1. steveegg on

    If it were only 55%, it might be doable. However, I recalculated the caucus states where the precinct results do not bind the national delegates to the candidates, and it’s closer to 76% of the remaining delegates to block, and something north of 90% to actually win.

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