Saturday, January 5, 2008

There is only 1 week until the Goofy Challenge and this is the last ‘long’ run that I will do before the race. I got an e-mail from Andy saying that he wanted to put in 4 miles before meeting with the group and would meet me at 6:15. I had originally planned to run at 6:00 but what was 15 minutes anyway? So I got there on time and waited by 6:20 I decided to take off. I ran by his house 5 minutes later and his car was still there…I was not amused!

About 3 miles into the run I realized that the ground meat I had last night was not sitting well (note to self: Do not eat hamburgers, chili, or anything with lots of ground beef before a run!) so I managed to make it, barely, back to Dunn Brothers to use the restroom.

Once I was finished I came out of the coffee shop just in time to catch the running group start their run. I waited for the end of the group…which took a little time since we had 24 runners this week…and started to slowly make my way back up to the front of the group.

I caught up with Andy and harassed him for not meeting me this morning and managed to keep a decent pace. I passed Andy and made a move to catch Greg, who had by this point managed to gain about 0.5 miles on me. I never did catch him but I got the lead down to 0.25 so I was happy.

Finished the day with 10 miles at a sub 10 minute pace.


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