Saturday, December 15, 2007

Last day in Italy and after being out until 5 AM this morning I got a bit of a late start on the day. I knew that there was a cache I wanted to get to and since it was 5 miles from the hotel I would easily be able to get in my 10 plus miles.

When I started out it was rather cold to be wearing shorts but I’m glad that I brought my gloves with just in case. I was headed out of Turin and following the river and I had a thought that the cache just might be at the top of Superga Hill which holds Basilica of Superga a church built in the 18th century and the hill is notable since the Turin soccer team was killed in a plane crash in the 1940’s on that hill.

Sure enough as I got closer to the ‘hill’ the cache seemed to be right up at the top. So like a true cacher I continued on toward the cache until the climb got to be a bit much at which time I walked up Superga…it was a hell of a climb and the walk back down wasn’t much better!! The views from the top were fantastic…kind of wish I had brought the camera. The cache was missing so it was a small waste but it was fun.

Managed to get back to the hotel before dinner and I had completed 14.25 miles at an average pace of 13:51.

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