Sunday, November 25, 2007

Since we are still ‘in training’ for Goofy it made sense that we run on Sunday. Andy suggested it and I suggested the location – Armstrong.

We were to meet at 6:45…I was 5 minutes late and Andy wasn’t there so I waited for another 10 minutes and headed out at 7am. I was about a mile out when I saw Andy coming.

In order to run Armstrong and get the miles in that meant doing laps…in this case 4 of them. The hills are not very tough but after doing a few it starts to wear on you. Andy had caught up with my by 2.5 miles so it was great to have company.

We put in the laps and with the stiff westerly wind made it back to the cars at Johnson Park. It was a tough run but managed to get it done. I ran 10.69 miles and did it at a 10:18 pace…not the best but not too bad either!!


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