UN ‘Scientists’

I have liberal friends that look at me regularly and ask ‘how can you not believe global warming is real?’

I always smile and say ‘global warming is real…in the last 30 years the average ‘global temperature’* has risen by about 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit but you can not prove to me that man is to blame.’

Their retort is always out of some sort of script…’well ‘scientific consensus’ says that it is caused by man!’ They say this like science and consensus are like the holy grail in all of science and to claim otherwise would be heresy!

I’ve tried time and again to show them the path to science and I’ve even tried to show them the simple hypocrisy that is ‘scientific consensus’ to little avail.

Well now it is time to trot out the big guns…the ones that point to the UN and their group of “scientists” as being nothing more than political pawns in a game to try to:

1. Extort money out of rich nations, like the US
2. and to cause mass scares around the globe to force countries to bend to the UN

RealClearPolitics: The United Nations is Always Right

Daily Mail: The Aids epidemic has been massively overstated, UN experts admit

BusinessDay.co.za: UN Slashes Global Aids Estimates

While the above articles do not have a single thing to do with global warming it has everything to do with the fact that the UN and their ‘scientists’ are not there to debate real issues but to push an agenda.


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