Saturday, October 20, 2007

I got up relatively early this morning and decided to milk it a little. Ended up rolling out of bed around 6AM and got running at around 6:15.

I knew that I wanted (needed) to run a little longer but was unsure as to how long I’d really go. I started running south away from my hotel and toward a paved bike trail I saw there the other day. Picked up the trail and followed it under the motorway and then along a parkway next to the motorway. That lasted all of .5 miles at which time I had to choose between going back under the motorway and continuing into a neighborhood to the south.

Since I was unsure where I’d have the opportunity to cross the motorway again I opted to go under. Once on the other side I face a rather large hill I trudge most of the way up in and begin walking…not very fun but needed. I continue running once the ground levels off. I make my way another mile or so when another rather large hill presents itself. I muster my way up this one and was grateful to be stopped at the cross walk.

Once I’ve crossed the street it is down hill to the park. This is the same park I spoke of a few days ago; the one that I didn’t know was here. Well today I decide that I will run the whole park. Very beautiful and about a 2 mile loop!! On the backside of the park there was at least 5 trees full of large bats all making a heck of a racket for this time in the morning.

Once I exited the park I continued up toward a nice peaceful neighborhood in north Parramatta and started my way back. I was starting to realize that I have not been drinking as much water as I usually do…the water isn’t bad here I just haven’t been drinking it.

I got back to the hotel and found that I had run 6.2 miles (10k) and did it at a much slower pace than last week…10:17.


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