Senator Kreitlow???

For those of you who are wondering Sen. Kreitlow is a Democrat from the Chippewa Falls area.

Sen. Kreitlow now has the distinction of being yet another Democrat Senator to back away from his own party’s budget by calling Democrats Education and Municipality funding “Empty Promises: the Education and Local Government Deficit Act.”

You see, the Republican Assembly saw that the budget battle was going to be a long fight but instead of making education and municipalities suffer because of the massive tax increase the Democrats want the Republicans did the responsible thing and passed the Democrats version of the Education and Municipalities budget (AB 506 & 507.)

But now, nearly a month after AB 506 & 507 was passed, the Democrats are calling this funding irresponsible.

So what game are they playing? Sen. Kreitlow is accusing Assembly Republicans of trying to “saddle taxpayers with a $1 billion deficit” and “failing Wisconsin taxpayers” when it is just the opposite.

Democrats in the Senate have played games with our State Budget and now they will not even agree to fund Education and Municipalities. They like to say they are the party of the people when in reality they are the party of obstructionism.


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