Saturday, October 13, 2007

I decided this week that I would start to run at the head of the pack of the Saturday Morning Running Club and boy did that kick my ass!

My wife has been running with a relatively new member, Ken, and he has been keeping her pace up there, so I decided to run with Ken, Kristin, and my wife. For the first 2 miles we maintained around an 8:30 pace. Now I can handle that for that distance but knowing that I still wanted to do 4 more this was going to be a problem.

My wife was at a conference the latter part of the week so she was feeling very lethargic and decided that 4 for the day was going to be enough so she turned at this point. I continued on and had to play a little catch up with Ken and Kristin. They pulled my along. Kristin was having foot problems so she peeled off with about 1.25 to go, Ken headed home at about 1 to go, so I was one my own to the end. I managed to keep my pace and finish 6 miles in 53 minutes and change.


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