Senator Robson Admits to Harming our State

You did not misread that it is true today in a Press Release by Senator Robson, Senate Majority Leader, and for those of you who don’t know, a major Democrat, stated the following:

“Local officials who want to make sure they have enough cops and firefighters for their growing communities and schools wanting to maintain a quality education for kids have been left in limbo.”

Whose fault is that Sen. Robson?

The Republican lead Assembly passed, not one but two, bipartisan bills (AB 506 & 507) that would have funded the local governments and schools in Wisconsin at the levels originally requested in the Senate Budget and that you have chosen not to take up.

Sen. Robson also states that passing a budget is important because: “It’s our job.”

Senator Robson you have failed at your job and should be fired. You want to accuse the Republicans of “pointing fingers” and push us to “rise above the fray” when if fact your press release is full of the vitriol that we have come to expect from Democrats who have failed to get their way.

Do you believe that “Days of debate evolved into an embarrassing stalemate that gave our great state a black eye?”

I believe that this is fight defines the difference between Democrats and Republicans (Liberals and Conservatives).

You believe that the only way to run the state is by using oppressive taxes that will hinder the poorest in this state more so than anyone else (tobacco & oil tax). You believe that all taxes are by nature good. You believe that by stating lies over and over and over (such as lack of funding to communities will endanger safety) will win you the debate.

I believe that your reign of terror is coming to an end. People are waking up to the idea that taxes on business only mean that we all pay more in the store. I believe that people understand that taxes do more harm that good. I believe that people who think for 2 seconds will realize that cutting government spending will not endanger safety and if it does they will elect people that know how to properly prioritize our spending.

Sen. Robson and the Democrats have made matters worse by stating falsehoods and have used scare tactics to try to pressure Republicans to cave into HUGE tax increases.

Enough is enough; pass a budget that does not increase taxes and the deal is done. Try to pass a tax increase and consider yourself fired.


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