More Socialism from Clinton

AP: Clinton proposes 401(k)s, matching funds

This woman has no shame! She just wants the size of the federal government to be HUGE!!!

Democrats should be outraged that a member of their party is calling for such extreme expansion of the government. They were all opposed to allowing individuals to invest a portion of their social security how is this different…other than is being a blatant “buy-your-vote-scheme”?

If she keeps opening her mouth this way…I’m going to become even more hopeful of a Republican victory!


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  1. Chance on

    Wait, I’m confused. On the one had you say in your title that this is “socialism”, but in the body you imply this is not very differant from the “invest a portion of their social security” scheme a while back. So which is it? Are both Clinton and Bush’s plans socialist, or neither?

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