State Fair Politics

My wife and I attended the State Fair yesterday and had the opportunity to look at both the Democrat and the Republican booths and we noted a couple of unique items related to the straw polls offered by both parties.

First off the Republicans were using the straw poll as a mini fundraiser asking for participants to contribute a quarter for their vote. No one was turned away if they didn’t have a quarter but it was a great idea. We did not note anything like this at the Democrat booth.

The second thing that jumped out at us, and the most startling, was the way the poll was being conducted. Republicans used solid containers to conceal how others had voted, while the Democrat’s used see through containers that exposed the vote for everyone to see. Now this might not seem that strange but when you consider that human nature is to side with a winner the Democrat poll is going to be slanted.

What do you think…should we know how the majority is voting before we vote?


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