Saturday, August 4, 2007

When I have to get up early to run I dread the thought of being late…I slept right through the first alarm and luckily the second one woke me up! I hit the road at 4am when the moon was still high in the sky. I enjoyed the silence of the early morning but still have trouble remembering parts of the run.

The weather had gotten notably better than it had been earlier in the week but was still a little more humid than I like.

The miles went by pretty quickly and the wheels started to come off at about 12-13 miles. I struggled to get the 15 in before the Saturday Morning Running Group but I got them in. The next 5 miles were pretty bad…I walked most of it and it took me over an hour for 5 miles! I pulled my left shin pretty bad and the pain was horrible.

Ended the day with 19.91 miles.


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