Last week we had a little fun with the Pythagorean Theorem.

If you have a right triangle and you know the length of 2 of the sides you can figure out the length of the remaining side by using the Pythagorean Theorem.

a^2 + b^2 = c^2 (where c is the hypotenuse – the side across from the right angle)

Everyone got it right…the answer was 5. (if you’d like to see the work check out stevegg’s comments here.)

I am going to up the ante just a little…I think a few of you (still unreal…I’m looking in your direction) think this is too easy so here is one that is a bit harder, still not calculus (because I don’t think you’re ready yet) but more challenging.

Compute the area of the following:


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  1. Justin on

    196! I see you were trying to be tricky…

    lol, I doubt that’s what you want, but it could almost work.

  2. gopfolk on

    No trick…and wrong answer…Sorry justin.

  3. Justin on

    Whoops! For my joke, I meant 784! lol…

  4. condiforprez on

    I didn’t realize this blog was for MENSA members.

    Guess my public high school education and Gateway Technical College degree isn’t enough to figure this trig. out. Algebra is about all I can handle.

  5. steveegg on

    Before I answer, a question – is this a regular decagon (for those that don’t know what I’m talking about, a regular decagon has 10 sides, all of the same length, with every interior angle the same)? The figure is a bit less than forthcoming on that vital piece of information.

  6. gopfolk on

    Very good question…yes it is a regular decagon.

    Wondering if anyone was going to ask that?!!

  7. still Unreal... on

    umm…i dunno, but i’m thinking…..roughly twice Justin’s 2nd answer?

  8. gopfolk on

    Justin’s 2nd answer is wrong too…and doubling it would make it really wrong!!

  9. still Unreal... on

    Hey, man, i said “roughly!”
    4 could be considered “roughly”……right?

  10. steveegg on

    Should I give a hint? (here’s a freebie; that labeled length is perpendicular to the side of the decagon).

  11. still Unreal... on

    thats no hint, steve.
    give us half or….a third (if you want to make it tricky) the area….now that’d be a hint.
    like school, i dont want to work through secants and square roots and stuff.
    …turned out they didn’t like thy didnt like that either.

  12. gopfolk on

    What a whiner! ;^)

    You are a proficient user of the internet…you have been given 3 important words…I’m thinking you should be done by now!

  13. steveegg on

    No square roots, and no secants, though you do need some trigonometry. The interior angle of a regular decagon is 144 degrees (so you won’t to need to find the formula for the area of a regular polygon of n sides and an apothem of length A like I did).

    If I give any more, I will be literally giving away the answer.

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