Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thank god this was a step down week! I was really getting tired of those 4am starts.

I was up at 4:50 and listening to the weather when I heard that it was 68 degrees out (beautiful!) and that the humidity was 95% (what? Did I hear that right?). I waited for the local weather to come back on and sure enough 95% humidity…this wasn’t going to be very fun.

Hit the road at 5:30 and got about 1.5 miles away before I was completely dripping with sweat. Managed to get 7.25 miles in before meeting the Saturday Morning Running Group but I looked like I just got out of a pool! The cemetery run is always pleasant and easy to run. Humidity had dropped to 80% by the time I had finished 11.5 miles, .5 miles short of my expected mileage for the day.


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