Bad climate headline

I have been a very outspoken person related to global warming and the media’s interpretation of scientific data and today I have another example but from my side of the argument.

A headline I saw today on Drudge intrigued me: NOAA: Vegas Temps Down Since 1940’s. But the title is erroneous. If you click on the link you will see the following chart:

This is for the Average Maximum temperature by decade! As you can see there has been a decline in the Average Maximum but the headline was incorrect. It said the Vegas Temps Down Since 1940’s and this is not a factual statement.

If we look at the Average Minimum temperature by decade we see that there has been an increase during the same time:

Here is the Average Temperature by decade…it has increased 3 degrees since the 1940’s:

I am all for trying to debunk the “man-made” global warming nuts out there but using misleading data is just stooping to their level!


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