Citizen’s response to Lehman

JT: GOP Assembly budget is disastrous for Racine by State Sen. John Lehman D-Racine

Senator, how would you describe your budget? You know, the one in which you burden the poorest in our state with monstrous taxes including the cigarette and gasoline tax and deny poor children in our community a chance at a better education. You sir, are “heartless.”

You and your Democrat friends worked tirelessly to bring socialized medicine and the enormous cost of the plan to a state that is not in need of it and at the same time exempting your friends at WEAC. That sir is “irresponsible.”

You demonize the Republicans for not supporting KRM, which you claim has broad support, but you do not support a referendum that would determine if such broad support actually exists among the citizens of Racine. That is a “blatant attack” on the taxpayers of Racine.

Senator, I suggest that before you start calling names like a child that you take a look inside and truly decide if this is really the way you wish to legislate. If it is, I suggest you get ready to lose your Senate seat.


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