Gilmore is out!

I’m sure most of us are not surprised to hear that Jim Gilmore is out of the race for the presidency, but for some I think they are surprised to hear that he was even in the race.

AP: Gilmore 1st major candidate to drop out

Gilmore was a long shot to be sure but at least he is a conservative…I’m wondering how long it will be before Giuliani and McCain drop out?


3 comments so far

  1. still Unreal... on

    Think he walked into the GOP wanna-bes meeting, slammed his money on the table and yelled “I’m out!”?

  2. gopfolk on

    LOVE IT!!!

    Classic Seinfeld for those that don’t get it!!!!

  3. still Unreal... on

    God I miss this show….


    “The Quote” Moment…

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