As I have stated time and again, science is about research and knowledge, not consensus.

From Reuters: Scientists Find Clues to Ice Cap Longevity: Study

It appears that scientists who are looking at the ice caps around Greenland have noted that their previous theory related to free ice flow in the region was off by about 330,000 years! This finding shows just how resilient the ice caps really are.

What has now been determined is that the models that show rising ocean levels may not be as bad due to a faulty assumption of the Greenland ice sheet.

To all my conservative friends: This does not negate the possibility that rising global temperatures could melt this ice cap only that prior history shows that this cap is very stable and able to take temperature variations much better than previously thought.

To all my liberal friends: Consensus is not science. Science is made up of people testing theories and hypothesis. Looking at an isolated bit of data and extrapolating it out is not scientifically sound. The use of computer models are only as good as the data that is placed into it and therefore can not be relied upon if all relevant data is not considered.

In the end this is just another setback for the “man-made-global-warming” crowd.


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