Saturday, June 9, 2007

The goal for today was 14 miles but I was willing to settle for 12 seeing that next week is the Lighthouse Run. I started out from Colonial Park at 5:30ish in the hopes of getting 7-8 in before anyone showed up.

I ran out of the park toward Gilmore; around Gilmore to Mt. Pleasant; down Mt. Pleasant to South St; South to Main; Main to State; State to Prospect; Prospect back toward the park.

While I was on Main St I remembered that the GMR (Great Midwest Relay) was taking place and they were running through Racine about then. So I stopped by Main St bridge and cheered one of the runners on…that is a long way to go…maybe I should put a team together for next year!?!?!

I got back to the cars and meet the rest of the group (small for such a nice day!) We headed out and I chatted with Jeff. We caught up on all our work activities and didn’t talk politics much. I gave out at 2.5 and decided to turn around and Jeff came with. With about 1.5 miles to go I told Jeff to go it alone and I would work my way in.

I finished the day with 12.34 miles…Happy but could have been faster!


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