Sierra Club is right

I consider myself a conservationist and I usually disagree with most of the arguments from the Sierra Club but their request to federally ban nonylphenol ethoxylates is a good thing!! (link)

This is what a typical nonylphenol molecule looks like:

The catch is this molecule and similar derivatives are used in detergents and can ultimately end up in our water supply.

This doesn’t sound that bad until you also realize that one of the derivatives of molecule is Nonoxynol-9…

…used as a spermicide in contraceptives!! This is one of the forms of xenoestrogen which is currently changing the sex of some fish from male to female!!

What could it do to us?


2 comments so far

  1. mkfolks on

    Is this a joke?!?!?

    If not, and there are male fish turning into female fish—-this is revolutionary. There is a chance that woman would get a chance to lead the world. Even better, the males would have to experience childbirth.


  2. Kate on

    I’m all for having men give birth! See how well they really can handle pain. heh heh heh

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