Saturday, May 19, 2007

6 AM is not usually a good time for me and today was no different.

I got down to the towers at 6:05 AM and headed out form my run by 6:10. I decided that a run along the river would be peaceful and offer me a little time to think before meeting the remainder of the running group at 7 (Run Racine).

Since I’ve been having such trouble getting into the zone I left my MP3 home and went out musicless. Boy was it a rough start! Trying to get into a rhythm was bad and then to concentrate on running was even worse.

I came across a number of geese, one of which just did not want me anywhere near him, and got to see some of the first goslings on the spring!

I got back to my car with 5 min. to spare (ran 4.4 miles) and it looked like a big group…in all 23 runners this week! We all headed out on the scheduled run (Saturday Morning Running Group) and I was still having a little trouble staying focused but pushed my way through it.

There were plenty of geese on this route as well including a huge family with at least 20 goslings!!

When I got to the northern part of the route I ventured off and went up main to 3 mile turned around and followed the exact route back to the car. While I still walked a bit I did managed to complete a total of 11 miles in about 2 hours (a little slow but not bad with all the walking)


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